Monday, November 14, 2011

why am i busy ???

based on the tittle actually i doono why it make thing to me oklah.

omg, don't even ask.
i'm dying in de prefect board and the bang boom of cekalians.
well as the randomest saying i've ever heard from the pupils in school was like >>>
cekalians are the smartest but the stupidest cause theyv'e always have noting to say except for something dirty and pelajaran and they don't ever had an idea. duhh
actually its true. -,- pedo face when i heard that
ya allah, peningnya pasal jamuan kelas ni which is on this friday yang kitaorang baru bincang today.
i'm pening with de money and our free time to survey the food.
duuuhhh, semuaorang lari when i say siapa nak teman me?
and semua mcam nope, oh nope, my mom x kasi, oh soryy, oh kena kemas rumah, oh x pyh lah, and the stupidost answer i'm tired.
wah wah, aku ni robot lah x penat.
k, if me sambung this story it wouldn't be done this day.
and what yah, yeah i rmmbr i'm dying to meet greyson chance.
omg, baby come to me
o so cute little boy.
actually his more older however najwa latif can duet with him.
what the fucking thing.
geramnya, that girl can duet with my boy,pssfft.
relax syu, just greyson chance there's gonna be many more youtube artist yang lagi handsome that will come to this world.
kbai, have a nice day and don't be tension just like me. -,-
chill out :)

lots of love
Mrs. greyson chance