Tuesday, December 20, 2011

sad life :"(

hmm, sedah gila.

bengang,geram,gila, nak mampus semua dah bercampur aduk dah ni -"-
i want to go to zoo negara.
nak tahu kenapa?
sebab nak ambil lencana maju pengakap.
u knoe what,i really wish to own that badges cause i want to be the scouts leader for whatever yang berkaitan pengakap.
but it turns upside down apabila PN SITI JAMIAH and EN ABU HASSAN ASHA'ARI tidak membenarkan saya pergi disebabkan terlalu jauh.
bagus sangat lettew.
org dah berusaha keras dia nak stop kan.
when i do nothing suruh carik sesuatu untuk dibuat.
but when i find something really beneficial they stop me from doing that.
oklah dia nak ckp yg diaorg busy and jam jalan kat sana.
ok that was reasonable but when can i go out from this house????
support me.
aku suka je tengok mak bapak org lain ok je bila anak dia nak pergi lakukan aktiviti luar and mak dia selalu support dan sanggup hantar and ambil.
but what a pathetic life i have.
and 1 more thing i can't accept that "my friend" kawan pengakap who suppose to go zoo with me x bagi respond langsung.
u knoe what aku call dia 3 kali. me the only one that menjayakan this program.
she was like oh ok.
than kali kedua aku call aku suruh dia telefon muammar. dia cakap ok.
pastu kali ke3 aku tanya dia ckp x boleh and dia x call muammar.
and the most pathetic part is she never gonna tell me that she can't go until i call her.
i wanted to say the F word but i must control myself.
and continue being a girl that can never achieve what she want.

Monday, December 12, 2011

princess hours

u r damn hot

the doll name is alfred..
i wish it will be syuu <3

his name in de movie is lee shin goon
real name joo ji hoon..

eeff hot -'-

k, hye..
my life is so boring lately.
mama suruh belajar.
k i studied only sej :D how awesome i m lite lite?/
however, i found new interest which is watching korean drama/movie..
as usual from tv,youtube,mysoju and maadu.
best siak..
sekarang ni my new schedule is like bangun 11.30 and get ready to watch princess hours at ntv7 weekdays on 12.
how awesome iam.
watching korean is my new hobby..
saje je nak tmbh hobby heheheh..
and the heroes just make my heart POP becz he is damn handsome.
what on earth a boy can be so handsome
is he a human???
damn i just can't stop watching PH bcoz of that hot boy.
eventhough i've watched the movie so many times..
i em so lamee.
i ademit.