Tuesday, December 20, 2011

sad life :"(

hmm, sedah gila.

bengang,geram,gila, nak mampus semua dah bercampur aduk dah ni -"-
i want to go to zoo negara.
nak tahu kenapa?
sebab nak ambil lencana maju pengakap.
u knoe what,i really wish to own that badges cause i want to be the scouts leader for whatever yang berkaitan pengakap.
but it turns upside down apabila PN SITI JAMIAH and EN ABU HASSAN ASHA'ARI tidak membenarkan saya pergi disebabkan terlalu jauh.
bagus sangat lettew.
org dah berusaha keras dia nak stop kan.
when i do nothing suruh carik sesuatu untuk dibuat.
but when i find something really beneficial they stop me from doing that.
oklah dia nak ckp yg diaorg busy and jam jalan kat sana.
ok that was reasonable but when can i go out from this house????
support me.
aku suka je tengok mak bapak org lain ok je bila anak dia nak pergi lakukan aktiviti luar and mak dia selalu support dan sanggup hantar and ambil.
but what a pathetic life i have.
and 1 more thing i can't accept that "my friend" kawan pengakap who suppose to go zoo with me x bagi respond langsung.
u knoe what aku call dia 3 kali. me the only one that menjayakan this program.
she was like oh ok.
than kali kedua aku call aku suruh dia telefon muammar. dia cakap ok.
pastu kali ke3 aku tanya dia ckp x boleh and dia x call muammar.
and the most pathetic part is she never gonna tell me that she can't go until i call her.
i wanted to say the F word but i must control myself.
and continue being a girl that can never achieve what she want.

Monday, December 12, 2011

princess hours

u r damn hot

the doll name is alfred..
i wish it will be syuu <3

his name in de movie is lee shin goon
real name joo ji hoon..

eeff hot -'-

k, hye..
my life is so boring lately.
mama suruh belajar.
k i studied only sej :D how awesome i m lite lite?/
however, i found new interest which is watching korean drama/movie..
as usual from tv,youtube,mysoju and maadu.
best siak..
sekarang ni my new schedule is like bangun 11.30 and get ready to watch princess hours at ntv7 weekdays on 12.
how awesome iam.
watching korean is my new hobby..
saje je nak tmbh hobby heheheh..
and the heroes just make my heart POP becz he is damn handsome.
what on earth a boy can be so handsome
is he a human???
damn i just can't stop watching PH bcoz of that hot boy.
eventhough i've watched the movie so many times..
i em so lamee.
i ademit.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

i should not be given the opportunity

like, i just baru balik dari kem.

so, there was a mamat that menggatal with me.
k. i was like ok.
not bad, handsome caring.
balik KL,
kitaorg pun bermsj msj and suddenly he reply some words like menggatal lah.
i was like wait, i'm not in with him but why hantar perkataan macam ni.
i am really not ready for it like seriously.
this is not my first time but i just x selesa dengar ayt tu coz we're both new and kenapa terlalu mudah berkata begitu.
and suddenly my minat towards him makin fade.
coz of that immature things.
seriously, i don't like guy flirting around and don't know how big does the words mean.
and baru few hours ni i was like syu stay away from him.
u r still too young and u r not independent enough u r too selfish and ur too afraid to give ur time and commitment to anyone and u are your family baby and ur mom and dad need your best achievement in exam and most important thing is that they will be curious if me berkepit with the phone 24/7 and ur bill will melonjak naik.
so, the better resolution is to lesser our percentage of rapat.
i just so sad to say some alasan that i gave him.
cause i want him but not right now u know.
i just want we to follow step by step.
i x nak secara tiba tiba we have special relationship.
c'mon love is not too easy to find..
if it's too easy it'll never long last.
remember that.
just keep cool.
be my closest friend and with that actually u'll know me better.
jangan terlalu terburu buru
p/s:this is not given to any specific person

Friday, November 18, 2011

jamboree pengakap

hye assalamualaikum.

harini ourclass ada party yg sungguh awesome infinity for sure.
u know kitaorang order nasi ayam dominos 8 box doorgifts and some other small things.
it was awesome but bila time time nak balik tu mcm x nak balik cause.
i'm gonna leave all my kenangan with him.
he was so awesome when "he" play basketball with me.
love it
mak aku baca bbl0g aku. bye

Monday, November 14, 2011

why am i busy ???

based on the tittle actually i doono why it make thing to me oklah.

omg, don't even ask.
i'm dying in de prefect board and the bang boom of cekalians.
well as the randomest saying i've ever heard from the pupils in school was like >>>
cekalians are the smartest but the stupidest cause theyv'e always have noting to say except for something dirty and pelajaran and they don't ever had an idea. duhh
actually its true. -,- pedo face when i heard that
ya allah, peningnya pasal jamuan kelas ni which is on this friday yang kitaorang baru bincang today.
i'm pening with de money and our free time to survey the food.
duuuhhh, semuaorang lari when i say siapa nak teman me?
and semua mcam nope, oh nope, my mom x kasi, oh soryy, oh kena kemas rumah, oh x pyh lah, and the stupidost answer i'm tired.
wah wah, aku ni robot lah x penat.
k, if me sambung this story it wouldn't be done this day.
and what yah, yeah i rmmbr i'm dying to meet greyson chance.
omg, baby come to me
o so cute little boy.
actually his more older however najwa latif can duet with him.
what the fucking thing.
geramnya, that girl can duet with my boy,pssfft.
relax syu, just greyson chance there's gonna be many more youtube artist yang lagi handsome that will come to this world.
kbai, have a nice day and don't be tension just like me. -,-
chill out :)

lots of love
Mrs. greyson chance

Monday, October 24, 2011

blog yang hampir mati

hye my baby.

how r u?
fine? it's good to hear :)
dah lama x update blog. why? because i'm incredibly toooo lazy eventhough the computer were open and was ready for me.
it's okay.. wat lek wat peace wat bodoh.
anyways,i'm happy with my new life which is more brighter than before.
because my new friends are nice and being good to me..
nak kenal x kawan kawan tu?
hmm sini nak citer kawan pertama
1.khairiyah . (otak yang terbaik and teman terbaik untuk mencambahkan idea gossip)
2.farah ain. (otak ada satu, OK for short)
3.khaliesyah. (kawan gossip yang terbaik)
4. melor damia. (my sexy lady yang pekak. hehe )
and u know what kitaorang berempat ada family baru which conclude
1. Zulhelmie (budak pandai nak mampos ++++)
2. Afif (budak 4 jari yang selalu kena buli).
and lastly mm nak sebut ke x ek pasal budak ni sebab dia blur sangat budak TTDI yang terbukti pekak nak mati (ASYRAF basil) walaupun dia pekak dia yang boleh buat kitaorang jadi gila sebab kalau x de dia, siapa nak jadi bahan kitaorang :)
and why do i mention about my life getting better ek.
because there's one man which make my life happier and make me feel how to be loved and to be loved.
nobody know's the man including "my new family" excluding khairiyah and farah
because they know my story from A to Z.
others only knew the nickname i gave to him which is my baby leopard.
he is handsome cehhhehe.
okaylah i think enough kot for this post for this blog that has been dead for 3 month if i'm not mistaken :)
bye. i'm chillin with myselffffff..

Friday, July 1, 2011

larian 1 murid 1 sukan

first of all,happy gila wok..

because i can't believe i dapat no..
i dapat no 14/15(second last)
alisa 15..
CONGRATS temenggung..
gila penat lari..
macam nak patah kaki pun ada..
moga dengan kejayaan ini tahun depan aku dpt lagi..
and my lucky number for today is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> T1062..
I love that number..
it's cool isn't..
and and,,first time MERENTAS DESA..
and it was awesome..
for people who don't like MERENTAS like kan lah jugak ek..
cause it's really awesome than what you think..

Sunday, June 26, 2011

sports day (25/6/2011)

okay it's begin like this >>>>>>>>

best wok hari sukan..
first time hari sukan aku best..
because of HIMM..
u know what i mean but u don't know the guy right..
hanya khairiyah ngan farah je tau..
then,kawad..gila kot kawad sakit tangan,kaki plus hati..
sakit tangan cause kena hayun tangan tinggi tinggi..
sakit kaki sebab kaki asyik jln macam robot cause we have to make sure our hand and foot always ikut this tone>>>KIRI,KIRI.....
then,sakit hati cause kawad dpt no 2..
but,benda ni kan semuanya adat pertandingan so i accept it eventhough i don't want to..
lagu rumah temenggung gila best cause nada dia ikut lagu MAN.U
and this is all what i can say..
and u know what temenggung and laksamana bergabung and we have our track mark it is >>>laksamana temenggung =kautim
cause i'm too happy cause of him..
he gave me a really great day..
but,tahun depan..i don't know..
maybe next and above year will be my worst sports day..
and before hari sukan hari jumaat,ianya hari yang sungguh indah..
cause dia tegur aku and remove something from my forehead..
it was awesome :)))

Friday, June 17, 2011

everybody but not me :(


okay,the story began like this >>>>>>
kenapa semua orang dapat mentor yg baik tapi aku???
i don't know nak cakap apa..
dia tulis report yg mengatakan aku ni kalau x disuruh x buat..
FUCK lah you weh..
kau tahu x sebab kau seharian aku menaggung sengsara bodoh.
kau mcm taik..
u think you're the best but actually the exco has to choose u to be exco because kau baik ngan senior.
bukan sebab kau bagus..
aku tahu kau kena tulis report but jgn lah ckp yg aku ni mcm "x buat kerja"..
tahulah AKAK ABHIRAMI ckp x pyh take serious..
but what do u feel when somebody said such things like this to u?expecially "ketua pengawas".
weh,nasib baik lah aku tukar mentor..
kau layan lah perempuan perempuan yg minat kat kau tu.
from now on i'm gonna change my personality..
from a smooth talking prefects to a 'tegas' prefects..
but,the thing is bila aku cakap tegas kau marah pulak..
kenapa kau mrah?
padahal kau yg bagitahu aku x tegas?
aku nak sangat kau respect aku seperti mana aku respect kau..
i know u'r my SUNBAE. but please ajar aku elok elok and tolong jgn tulis report pasal benda benda mengarut.
kau tahu berapa banyak air mata aku habis?
x kan?
so,judge ur self before u start to act like shit..
1 more thing,kau tahu x ada ramai org x suka kau.1!!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

happy birthday nor alya nadhirah :)

okay to alya:happy birthday..
may good bless you..

and belajar rajin rajin tau..
nnti boleh jadi accountant yg berjaya..
and alya:sweet 13..

2nd june 2011

okay,tahulah cerita ni dh lama but chill.
dengar dulu what i'm trying to say..

k,firstly,pagi pagi g office mama sebabnya afterthat baru mama hantar g MID..
u know why,sebabnya aku nak jumpa kawan kawan aku..
they r awesome like hell.
then nmpk husna dia cntik..
nmpk alya pulak dia pun cntik dengan penampilan barunya iaitu memakai tudung.
then,g ambil ticket..
after that turun bawah visit TOYSRUS..
for fun..
after that naik atas n tengok wyg pirates of the carribean..
it was awesome like helll..
he was so gentleman..
k,than makan kat PIZZA HUT..
u know what kitaorg order 2 pizza..
gila oh..
then main game kat JUSCO..
and it was awesome.
at 5:15 kitaorg bersurai..
btw,the day was awesome..
nnti kita keluar lagi nak x?
tapi kali ni nak keluar ramai ramai and P/S: no bodyguard are ..hahahhahahehhehe
and nor alya nadhirah dan husna :thanks for the great day..