Tuesday, May 29, 2012

jambori 1 Belia 1 Malaysia

salam pengakap everyone!!!
hye and assalamualaikum..
i've went to a scout jamboree kat putrajaya.
damn mawesome
gua suka sampai nak menangis
mana x nya, kena join kawad tongkat and we're given less than 24 hours to practice start pukul 12 malam hingga 8 pagi.
gila bab punya.
tidur around 3.30 bangun pukul 8.. mawesome x?
kitaorang punya group accidentally woke up late :) alhamdulillah. hehe
 than hari jumaat kawad., imagine what, i put up sunblock on my face every 30 minutes..
it was damn hot!!!
my sweat hilangkan my sunblock, and surely lah my face tanned..
than, the sweet moment is tht, when i reach the campside, there is 1 boy from VI that is stalking on me
i was like, hell yeah, handsome banget..
aku pun layan lah.
and, both of us were very shy person.
kitaorg x sempat nak tegur :(
sempat usha meng usha je kan??!!!
and the most mawesome moment is mlm kebudayaan. gempak siot
i jadi narrator, we're sketching a story tentang zaman jepun..
akiko+yamashita+toshiba= main actor
they don't even prepare me a script, spontan je i ckp though i don't know any single thing about that story ='=
bila sampai part sejarah cerita tu, gua fail and haqqim ckp 'sejarah pun fail'
i was like baru form 2 bang.. haha
anyways, i enjoy this camp and i wish that this thing will last long in my memory, until forever

                                                       BB girls scout tht join this camp!!

                                                        kontinjen Bangsar :)1


                                                     camwhoring with kak nadhiah :)

lot luv-syu