Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 :D

i know, dah lama since i update this blog. it doesn't matter actualyy and what's the point of having a blog kalau x update. haish. sad life betul.
eh, lari topic pulak dah 2013 kan kan?
hope that this year will be a great great year though.
ada PMR  pulak tu. scary dowhh.
a lot of things i belajar throughout this year. kenangan pahit dan manis. and never believe in anyone. that's the point.tolonglah dah bosan kena tipu. dah tahu semua trick and now i can use it back. haha jahatnya
btw, baru je tgk fireworks outside the window tadi.all alone. they all are sleeping. what a sad life.
looking forward for next year.